Saturday, September 8, 2012

Shop SonysAddiction's Closet!

 Hi guys!
Some great news! I have loads of stuff just sitting and collecting dust in my closet so I decided to create a site where my followers can get the chance to buy things straight from my closet. I figured you guys are following me for a reason and it's probably because we have similar taste. So check it out, browse around - you might see something that floats your boat!

Please feel free to leave me comments and feedbacks or just more type of things you would like to see.There's not a whole lot of selection yet as I just recently created this page but keep checking daily because like I said, I have LOADS of stuff to get rid of. It's just taking some time to shoot everything and  just sit still to post it up without being distracted because I have a toddler who's determined to destroy the house!

Hope you guys enjoy and just click right HERE to shop my closet! :)

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