Monday, June 25, 2012

There's Always a Rainbow After The Rain

nastygal shirt, UO shorts, shoemint pumps, f21 necklace

Back from my weekend get-away and I'm happy to say, God really was listening to my prayers because we got sunshine all weekend! But of course it's pouring out now that we're back. Can't complain though because I got real lucky during my time off. Ah 3 days is just not enough!

I didn't get to take as many pictures as I would like to so not sure if I even want to post them up in my blog... we'll see. To make up for that I want share with you my outfit of the day :)


  1. LOVE your necklace!

  2. You're gorgeous! And you look like a Filipina. Are you?

    I want to invite you to join the RIRE giveaway on my blog

    1. Hi Priscilla! I am not Filipino...I'm cambodian :)

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  4. I absolutely love the blouse. I was planning a similar outfit myself, except instead of the heels, ankle strap sandals. But I love the combination of a classic white blouse and cut offs.

    What do you think if we follow each other VIA GFC? I'd love it for sure. Will definitely follow back if you do decide to follow. Kisses x

  5. I love your short and necklace so much dear ^^ You look great here!

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    Thank youuuu... >.<


  6. Thanks for the comment and love that necklace! Such a fresh look, despite the rain haha.

    Perhaps we can follow each other?

    Fi x

  7. I really like this outfit. It's perfect in every way. Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

    xo Jo

  8. love this outfit! white shirt + denim shorts = perfect match!

  9. Very cute outfit! Love the necklace!