Saturday, May 12, 2012

Revlon Break-Up

Look what I found at the drug store recently! How neat is this? I've always been a fan of the crackle nail polish and I thought this was so clever of Revlon to come out with a 2 in 1. And not to mention, the bottle is just so adorable... you know me, I'm all about presentation.

I'm thinking about picking up some more different colors today. Let me know if you already have some and what are your favorite colors so I know what to look out for!


  1. Love love love!!!!<3 Thank u for your comment, hope to see u soon again!
    Happy Saturday!

  2. Love it!! Also thank you for voting!!

  3. I LOVE the orange and gold colour combination...I haven't seen this range being sold here though, but I'm totally on the hunt now!

  4. Hello dear,
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    have a nice day!